FAA Part 107 license




How much notice do you need?
enerally, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.
Before each standard photo session we:

  1. Check weather reports to evaluate photo conditions.
  2. Review layout of property to determine best viewing angles.
  3. Review layout of property to determine lighting requirements.
  4. Clean camera and lenses.
  5. Charge batteries on camera, flash and other devices.
  6. Format photo storage spaces.
  7. Determine type of auxiliary lighting will be required.
  8. Check property access rights.

Before each flying day we:

  1. Review the FAA list of temporary restrictions.
  2. Verify the type of airspace at the site is appropriate for our operation.
  3. Contact the agency that is responsible for the flight area, if any.
  4. Check weather reports to evaluate flying conditions.
  5. Review local restrictions.
  6. Test and inspect each component of the aircraft system.
  7. Run system diagnostics.
  8. Clean the camera lens and check the imaging stability systems.
  9. Charge the batteries on all of the system components.
  10. Calibrate the aircraft onboard systems.
  11. Complete a preflight checklist.
  12. Format photo storage spaces.
  13. Check property access rights.

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