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Casper - A Phantom 3 Advanced drone

Can you take photos every day?
No.  Although it is possible to take interior images in inclement weather, it may cause difficulty with lighting. We try to schedule our sessions on days when the weather is cooperating.
If there are aerial components a host of other issues must be considered. We check airspace restrictions, nearby events, obstacles, and review the ever present issues with weather.
We do not fly when we are sick, tired, thirsty or hungry or for a multitude of other reasons. We believe that safety depends on more than the aircraft; the pilot and crew are an integral part of the system and must be at peak performance. There are many things we consider when planning a flight, many of them are reasons we will not fly on a particular day.

I heard that drones can be used to spy on people. Do you spy on people?
We respect your privacy. Our business is taking photos and video of property, not people.
While there is always a chance that someone may appear in one of our images, we edit them before they are released. Our clients are interested in the property, the amenities, and the neighborhood, not the neighbor. Quite simply, we do not want you in our photos.
From a spying perspective, the type of drone that we use is not well suited for that task.

  1. The camera does not zoom, a handy tool for a spy operation.
  2. They cannot sneak up on you; drones are very loud and you will most likely hear them.
  3. They are small and expensive so we use color schemes that stand out against the background, stealth is not one of their assets.
  4. Because we operate using visual line-of-sight; you will most likely see us standing nearby operating the drone.

Although we get excellent, high resolution photos and video, our equipment would make a very poor choice for conducting any kind of spy operation.

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