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Elevation data may also be used to measure the relative slope, and smoothness of your field providing valuable insight to potential drainage and other problems.
This elevation image shows the plants and buildings imaged at the schoolyard with RED being the tallest objects.

Elevation Images
The elevation data displayed in our images is not the same as the altitude, but a measurement of the height of the objects displayed relative to the takeoff point of our drone. This information can be used in various calculations that give information about drainage, the height of objects relative to each other, the volume of objects, etc. For example an area in a field that has lower plant height may indicate an issue that warrants investigation, when coupled with Crop Health Visualization data you may be able to use to pinpoint issues in your field before they become critical.

2D Orthomosaic Images
Orthomosaic images are corrected for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt producing images that can be used to measure distances, calculate square footage and, when used with other available data, to derive values like volume. In this example the 2D image has a resolution of .79” per pixel.

Georeferencing* assigns coordinates to the pixels of the image. These coordinates are obtained during the flight using our on-board systems that record the latitude, longitude and altitude and is then added to the EXIF information for each image. Our georeferencing data is derived from the GPS and GLONASS satellites.
Orthorectification** is the process of removing the effects of image perspective (tilt) and relief (terrain) effects for the purpose of creating a planimetrically correct image. The resultant image has a constant scale wherein features are represented in their 'true' positions 

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3D Images

3D images provide unique perspectives and are important tools for understanding complex structures. They can be rotated, scaled and otherwise manipulated to give you a view of the object(s) that are available only from the air.

A schoolyard
Aerial photography can provide you with information that increases yields, reduces costs and saves time. Our basic agricultural imaging service includes high resolution georeferenced* and orthorectified** 2D and 3D images, comparative elevation data, and crop health visualizations. Additional services including data analysis are available, use our contact us form for more information.

Crop Health Visualizations
ur cameras capture data that is then analyzed using algorithms developed to measure the health of crops. This analysis provides information on the relative health of vegetation within the mapped area by comparing the value of each band of light. This information is used to create plant health images that highlight the differences within the image(s).

Wayne Shaffer