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Agricultural Services Pricing

NDVI or Normalized Difference Vegetation Index uses light reflected from plants to help determine their health. Our basic service includes NDVI imaging, processing, a 2D Orthomosaic image, a 3D model image, and an elevation image.

Data Collection

Data collection services are available for $50.00 per visit. The height and width of selected plants is measured and the soil is tested for pH, temperature, moisture, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. This information, along with data obtained from local weather stations is combined into a logbook that can later be analyzed to give you an indication of better practices that may increase your yield. Copies of the datalog are uploaded monthly and are available on-line. We suggest monthly data collection.

Data Analytics

Analysis of collected data can be performed using a variety of tools including statistics, that provide easy to read and  interpret graphs, charts and tables. This service is available for $75.00 per hour. Analysis services generally consume two hours. The suggested frequency for this service is yearly with the monthly data collection service. Custom data services are available at additional costs.

10 Acres or Less

Our base price is $100 per flight for 10 acres or less, additional acres are $5.00. A discount of up to 50% is given on additional flights that are within 100 yards of each other. Suggested frequency varies from monthly during the early season to weekly during peak growing season.

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